Samsung, LG, Nokia & Blackberry Repairs Brighton

We can repair a majority of mobile phones and tablets. Some more complicated repairs that other companies can not do, such as soldering replacement USB connectors.

What is a glass screen repair with UV Glue Bonding?

Modern smartphones have the glass bonded to the LCD panel with a clear adhesive OCA (optically clear adhesive). This glue bonds the glass to the LCD giving a perfect image and stops any dust from getting behind the glass lens. Unlike other repairers who just replace the glass with no bonding, we bond the new glass using special equipment to give the factory finish

SAMSUNG SCREEN SHORTAGE & HIGH PRICES - at the moment there is a limited supply of Samsung screens in the UK. This is keeping prices high so we need to quote on a day to day basis.

Please call or email if you have a repair that is not listed.

The prices listed are correct when published, but may be subject to change, please call for the latest prices.

 Model  Part  Price
 Samsung Phone Repairs
Samsung Galaxy S7 Genuine LCD Complete CALL
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Genuine LCD Complete CALL
Samsung Galaxy S6 Genuine LCD Complete CALL
Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 RED/BROWN LCD Complete £140

BLUE/WHITE  LCD Complete £120

Screen Glass Only (UV Glue Bonded) £45

Headphone Socket £30

USB Dock Connector Replacement £40
Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini i8190 Screen Glass Only (UV Glue Bonded) £45
  LCD Screen & Glass
Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 LCD Screen & Glass £115

Screen Glass (UV Glue Bonded) £45
  USB Charging Port £25
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini i9190 LCD Screen & Glass £126
  Screen Glass (UV Glue Bonded)
Samsung Galaxy S5 i9600 LCD Screen & Glass CALL
Samsung Note 2 N7100 LCD Screen & Glass £140

Screen Glass Only (UV Glue Bonded) £45
Samsung S5830 Galaxy Ace Glass  £35

LCD £35

HTC Phone Repairs
One X Screen
  HTC Desire
  HTC Sensation
LG Nexus Repairs
Google Nexus 5 D820 D821 LCD Screen

LG Google Nexus 4 E960 LCD Screen

LG G2 D802 £120
Asus Repair Centre
Nexus 7
LCD Screen 1st Generation ME370T £90
  LCD Screen 2nd Generation K008 £100
  USB Charging Port Replacement
 Nokia Repairs Lumia 520 LCD Screen £40
  Lumia 520 Digitizer Glass £40
  Lumia 610 LCD Screen £50
  Lumia 610 Digitizer Glass  £30
  Lumia 625 Glass Screen £45
  Lumia 630 LCD & Screen £65
  Lumia 710 Digitizer Glass £50
  Lumia 720 LCD & Screen £90
  Lumia 820 Glass Repair £50
  Lumia 900 LCD Screen £75
Sony Z1 Screens
Experia Miro Screen £80
Xperia Z3 D6603 LCD & Digitizer Screen Complete BLACK £145
Xperia Z2 D6503 LCD & Digitizer Screen Complete BLACK £100
  LCD & Digitizer Screen Complete WHITE
Xperia Z1 L39H LCD & Digitizer Screen Complete BLACK £100
  LCD & Digitizer Screen Complete WHITE
Xperia Z L36H LCD & Digitizer Screen Complete £100

Samsung Galaxy S3 Glass Replacement

Samsung S3 bonded glass repair.