iPhone Fixer Brighton Terms & Conditions

All our repairs are carried out to the highest standard possible. We can't guarantee that a repair will work on every device. Devices which manifest a recurring fault and can't be repaired may be refunded at our discretion.

Risky Repairs

Some repairs require delicate operations and therefore risk making the device inoperable. Customers are warned before such repairs are carried out. Once a customer agrees to the repair iPhone Fixer hold no responsibility to the customer if the repair fails. If the customer does not accept the risk involved they have the right to refuse the repair.

Water Damage

Whilst some devices can recover from water damage they may suffer future issues.
iPhone Fixer takes no responsibility for water damaged devices which fail later after repair.
Customers are responsible for backing up any business or personal data on any device which we have repaired from water damage.

Data Loss

As with any electronic device the memory of any portable device can be erased or damaged. Whilst we use anti static precautions to protect devices whilst they are being repaired and it's extremely rare, we can't guarantee that data will not be lost.

All mobile devices should be backed up before they are repaired.
Backing up the data on any device is the sole responsibility of the owner and iPhone Fixer are in no way liable for any data loss during a repair.

This applies to personal or business data stored on any mobile device brought in for repair or diagnosis.

iPhone Specific

Touch ID - Due to the poor design of the home button on the iPhone 5s, 6, 6s, 7, 8 the touch ID may fail on an iPhone with a damaged screen which has been dropped, iPhone Fixer are not liable for loss of touch ID.

Flashing Apple Logo / Connect to iTunes - iPhones may be restored to factory default when displaying this fault. All data will be erased. The customer must know their security details to re-activate the iPhone. iPhone Fixer take no responsibility for lost or forgotten customer activation details.

Network Unlocking

Timescales are generally accurate and issued for guidance. Actual unlocking times may vary.
All unlocking is provided by a 3rd party company, iPhone Fixer has no control over any variation in timescale to phone unlock requests that are in process.

Refunds will only be given if the unlock fails. 


Our standard warranty period is 90 days for all repairs.

Our warranty covers any material defect for parts fitted, it does not include any other part of the mobile device.
If there is a fault with a repair it must be reported as soon as it occurs and the device brought in for inspection at the earliest opportunity. The device must be undamaged and in similar condition to when the repair was completed.

Warranty Exclusions

We reserve the right to refuse any repair under warranty using our discretion.

  1. Devices without a receipt or proof of the repair date.
  2. Devices that have been repaired by another repair shop.
  3. Any subsequent faults unrelated the repair carried out.
  4. Devices Returned with any Physical Damage - cracks to the screen, obvious mistreatment, accidental damage, damage caused a short time after the repair.
  5. Water ingress - any sign of water ingress into the device will invalidate our warranty.
  6. Data Loss - all data held on any device is the sole responsibility of the customer.
  7. Devices outside the 90 day warranty period.


Our prices are correct when published, we reserve the right to change any price depending on the pricing of available parts. All prices we quote are valid on the day of enquiry only and are subject to rise or fall depending on availability.

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